More than seven months after its release, the world’s first 1.5TB drive micro SD card, Micron MTSD1T5ANC8MS-1WTalmost landed. Several tech wholesalers have listed the card otherwise known as the i400 on their website, and depending on how much you need and what territory you buy from, customers can wait at least four months. Mouse, Arrow and Avnet (and its subsidiaries Farnell (opens in a new tab), Newark (opens in a new tab), root 14) have already listed it and Newark is the cheapest in Newark, only $420.53, price includes free shipping.

Buy at least 12,000 of these to see the price drop to $381 (for a total cost of over $4.5M), not a bad deal for 18PB (yes, that’s petabytes) of solid state storage that should weigh no more than 4kg (without packaging of course). In case you were wondering, this microSD card costs about the same as its weight in 0.125-carat diamonds ($1.1 million per kilogram).

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